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Second outing for the newly constructed Misfortune which turned out to be a great success by taking out the event undefeated.

Misfortune Vs Beezlebot: Being in the arena while Beezlebot was being tested the heat coming off the flame was quite hot, so I knew I had to go in hard and not let the flamethrower work, got 2 big hits in which caused the top of Beezlebot to fall off exposing its insides.
Winner - Misfortune

Misfortune Vs Demon: After being owned by Demon last round I knew it was going to be a tough fight but again I charged in hard hoping to catch Demon of guard and it worked well, flipped Demon and as he was self right I got a big hit sending Demon sailing out of the arena.
Winner - Misfortune

Misfortune Vs Slave (Semi Final): Slave weighing in at just over 8kg I knew it wasn’t going to cause much damage to me, I got in several big hits 1 breaking off a hinge holding the wedge on, Slave had an internal problem and I was the winner and off to the final.
Winner - Misfortune

Misfortune Vs Cobra (Final): Cobra the oldest robot around was a very fast little wedge I knew I had to try and flip it over as it didnt run very well inverted, I got 1 big hit in flipping Cobra and it was all over,
Winner of the event - MISFORTUNE